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Web Design and SEO Packages Toowoomba

My specialities are Sales & Internet Marketing which encompasses Web Design and SEO Packages Toowoomba, Digital Marketing, WordPress CMS, SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, SEM – Search Engine Marketing, Google Business, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Website Content Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and more

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Having a website built can be an overwhelming experience, even for the most I.T savvy people. I am here to support you through the whole process to help you create a website that will deliver solid results for your business.

Below is a compilation of the questions I get asked the most.

How much does a website cost?

A: This can vary depending on things such as how big the website is (number of pages) and the features and functionality that is included in the website. My typical wordpress website projects start from  $1500 which includes: WordPress installation & setup, Custom designed to suit your current branding or to your specifications, 6 pages, Basic SEO & Training on how to use WordPress to add your own content. *Please note: All web packages include hosting and domain name for 1 year.

Do you sell web hosting & domain names?

A: Yes we sell the best value web hosting on the internet with our website packages. Safe & Secure, but mostly just plain old reliable! Our hosting servers are in Sydney, Australia.

How long does it take to design and build a website?

A: The time it takes to produce a website depends on the size and complexity of your site. A basic website typically takes around 5-10 working from beginning to end. Some more custom and complex projects may take longer.

Do you use WordPress?

A: Yes, and to put it simply, if you or your current web designer aren’t using WordPress – then I am afraid you are living in the dark ages. WordPress has developed into a fully customisable Content Management System (CMS) that has unlimited options to build any type of website.

Most of all it is easy to use, for people that want to manage their own website content. It’s foundations are from a simple blogging platform which has now been developed into the most popular CMS in the world (around 75 million websites currently use WordPress for their website).

There have been several issues raised by the web master communities around the world regarding the security of wWordpress due to so many people using it.

Fortunately, WordPress is able to be heavily secured from hackers, by using specialist software to block any incoming attacks on the most common entry points.

WordPress is also the most search engine friendly, which means higher rankings in Google. Once again you can use specialist software to configure your website to get the best possible results in the major search engines, which essentially means more leads, and money for your business.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A: A content management system (CMS) enables you to maintain the content on your website without any additional software our technical skill. When using a CMS, you can add new pages, upload images and be in full control of your site – all you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Do you provide training on using the CMS?

A: Yes I provide all my clients with training on maintaining their website via the CMS.

Will my website work on mobile devices?

A: Yes, I use responsive design to ensure my websites work on all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Do you build mobile apps?

A: No, I don’t – but I do make my websites work on all devices. Developing an app for mobiles and tablets across the range of different platforms can be an expensive task, and in 95% of cases, it can be resolved with a well designed mobile responsive website.

Can I sell products on my website?

A: Most Definitely – The content management system I use can build and host your online store, and I can set up all of the security necessary to ensure your customers’ details remain safe and secure.

Can you get my website to number 1 on Google?

The Number 1 Ranking on Google is the most sought after marketing method on earth – people pay $10,000’s to be there. I never ever guarantee that I can get anyones website to number 1, if someone does then they are lying! No-one should ever promise the number 1 spot because Google are constantly updating their algorithms . I use tried & tested methods to increase my clients websites google ranking with repeated success over the last 10 years, 99% of the time I can hit the prized position or at least the first page.

Web Design and SEO Packages Toowoomba